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Fender is an another US company who cant compete with digital. When you buy a cheap chinese electric guitar and connect to digital processor , it turns to over saturated photoshop picture but all hipsters like it especially that death metal people.

When Fender sees the light , they offered a computer based software processor which plays all the Fender Legendary Amp sounds one by one.

If Kodak lives another 5 years , I would expect from them a software which simulates all their portfolio with noise, color and what the hell details. May be they can sell a license to Photoshop to put it in their software.

I tried many of these simulators and they were faraway successful than my scans.

Ohhh, Ohhh, I have one of those fender modelling amp's....should I ban myself from Apug

In relation to Kodak and digital emulation, I am not suprised it hasn't happened as a licenced product already.