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I meant that just like painting, film photography has moved from the "new" art, to the "old" art, digital is the new image art, and soon it will be something else (probably 3D or something like it). So in that sense it's of the past.
That's what I figured you meant. I was expanding on that and I guess challenging you to clarify that.

Also most painters do NOT make more than photographers, not by a long shot, their paintings susally star to make money at second hand sales post mortem but during their lifetimes they are often unnoticed, only a select few are not the starving artists. This is true of photography but at least we have the option of making money, dare I mention weddings? You don't see a lot of painters doing a 6 hour wedding and walking away with $2,000-$12,000 twice a weekend for say 3 months of the year...
Good points. Instead of "successful painters" I should have said "the most successful painters", which is who I was thinking of when I wrote it.