Okay, story. Because, seriously, this crap never happens to me.

I decided to try a camera store today to see if they had any 4x5 enlargers. I'm looking for used, obviously, because I can't afford anything new. Porters, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, is the one I called. It's an outlet. So I talk to a guy and he goes to ask about enlargers. When he comes back on, he says, I shit you not, "There's a customer here who may have something for you."

When he said Durst, I about giggled with glee. When he said 138s, I said a little prayer to the deities of black and white photography. When he said it came with a 210mm lens, it finally dawned on me that this wasn't just a 4x5 enlarger. When he said 5x7, I finally about lost it. I got him off the phone and actually got so excited I started crying. Heh.

So...uh...anything I should know? Other than to say YES YES YES to about any price he throws at me under $500? I'll beg or borrow to have this thing. I don't know what all he has, but I do know that he has the 210 Nikkor, a 135 or 150 Nikkor, and a Schneider for medium format.

Holy crap. No, really. HOLY CRAP.

I'm going to need to make *much* more room in the basement...