I got fed up with waiting for a reply from Tetenal so I made a decision and went ahead using the JOBO timings which seemed to be the most straight forward, but with fingers crossed! Well they are perfect even if I say so myself. 2 lots of transparencies hanging up to dry. 1 x Fuji Sensia and 1 x CR200 which I believe is a re-hash of an Agfa film, but made in Belgium.

I modified the timings slightly, from the JOBO recommendations. I Washed between stages longer than the JOBO = 5 x 30 second instead of 4. and colour developed for 6 mins instead of 4. Otherwise it was as per the JOBO times Both films were as good as I have ever done in the past. That is what I will use from now on.

The CR200 is on an Estar base just like the Technical Pan film from Kodak used to be. (I think that's what it is called.) You cannot tear or snap it so it has to be cut. Nice clean natural colours and not OTT with saturation and seemingly quite a bit of latitude.

This film is really cheap in UK with 2 cassettes for 7. I will be using it again.