Received so far:
1 - TV Tower Berlin by Ozphoto.
Color photo with a sepia pallette. A disjointed reflection of the tower in a wall of windows. Effective, moody city scene.

2 - Old Leipzig University and Lebnitz statue by pin58.
The statue is looking back after being rudely relocated. Nice contrast of light tall building vs lower dark statue. Also nice slightly warmtone gloss print.

3 - Legs by MattKing.
Three very leggy spiders on (cabbage?) leaf. A very nice picture, sort of gothic/surrealist to me if there is such a thing. Decorative, Low key print that I might just put in a frame.

4 - Soccer over Paris by Rudiger.
Really great street and cityscape photo combined. So much to look at in this photo. Lovely tones too. I always wondered what Adox Fineprint Classic looked like and here it is.

5 - Colors and Forms from anikin.
Very colourful print taken on 120 iso400 film. Looks great. What a fantastic print. I can't see any grain at all. Makes me want to dash out and try something similar (I'm mostly 35mm b&w). Such a lovely pallette (there I used that word again).

What a great start to this round!