I use the same developer too. I think it is called C-41RA LORR developer replenisher. Each box comes with 4 packages in it. Each package makes 10 liters of C-41 developer replenisher.

You may want to mix 10 liters at a time because when opened the part C will be exposed to oxygen and will begin to oxidize and go bad in a couple of months even it is recapped tightly always. I have tried to mix partially, such as 1 liter, at a time. I found it very difficult to mix precisely. And before I used up all the juice the part C has gone bad. I ended up wasting almost half of it any way.

So I now always mix the entire part A, B, C and water but not to the full 10 liter, rather to 4 liters (2.5 time concentrate) and store it in 4 jobo's liter sized bottles. Jobo bottles are the best plastic bottles for storing developer. Don't use regular HDPE plastic bottles. The concentrate tends to last longer. With almost no air in the bottle I can keep it for 2 - 3 moths.

When it's time to use it I add water and dilute it to the 1:1 strength. At this point it is not a developer yet. It is really just a developer replenisher. I then follow the starter direction to make a working developer by mixing the replenisher, some starter and some more water. This produces a developer that works just like every C-41 developer. It has worked very well for me this way on a Jobo machine.