I have both the Canon Q 1.7 and a Retina IIIC big. The standard lens for the Retina is a 2.0 or 2.8. I think there is was also a 1.9 so the Canon is a little faster. It takes some getting to use the controls on a Retina. The meter, if working, does not meter well in low light, and is not coupled so you need to transfer the setting to the interlocking EV control. The Canon's meter can be adjusted to work with a modern battery, and altough not a TTL the sensor it is set within the filter ring so you dont need to compensate for different filters. I use a polorizer a lot, I just watch the meter and know that the polorizer is at full effect when the exposure drops by 2 stops. The filter size is 48mm, not too hard to find. I use an old Pentex 28mm lens shade as I have not found the matched Canon lens shade. The Retina will take a S V push on filter and lens hood. Both are very quite, the Canon is easier to load than the Retina. The Canon has shutter speed perfered auto exposure so shooting in uneven lighting is a snap if you want to attend to the action without thinking about exposure. The Canon is much better with color than the Retina. There are only a few folks left who know how to work on a Retina Shutter. I take the Retina along when I am shooting 4X5 and MF as it folds and fits into my bag without taking too much room. I have had the Retina for a very long time and I am quite found of it. For the money you might look for a Retina IIIS, non folder, interchangable lens, but many of the quirks as the IIIC.