The larger you print from pinhole cameras, the less clear the image will be in practice. This means the viewer will need to stand quite some distance away to view the image without squinting. While my 6x7 images are routinely printed to 81cm height or width (I can go much, much larger, but cost restrains forbid that), my pinhole prints are used as "wall fillers" and printed at 20x20cm square and dibonded. This is a neat compromise that shows the subtle imaging beauty of the pinhole form (lousy focus but excellent image definition). The largest I could print before the novelty of viewing pinhole prints is affected would be 40x40cm (or proportionally measured for 6x7 or 6x9, the other formats the camera supports). All this is beside the point that I print to fill small wall spaces and dibonding provides great flexibility in moving them around and allowing viewers to remove prints from the wall and actually handle them and examine them close up.