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Me too.. experienced with both. But I would respectfully submit that there are many, including me, who would dispute these two statements. Every Retina I have used has ALWAYS been better with color than any fixed-lens Canon rangefinder. Yours must be a spectacular example if it is better than the Retina.

The shutter on the Retina IIIc and C (as well as the IIc and C) is your run-of-the-mill Synchro Compur. Nothing special that any camera repair person can't deal with effectively. What is difficult for many are the interlocks in the body!
I stand pat on the Canon 1.7 outperforming the Retina 2.0 color performance. I have owned my IIIC for over 40 years, was my first 35mm, sent it off for repairs several times and never found a local repair person outslide of LA in the 60s. Not just in the Phoenix Area but San Franscio in the 70s. Last time I sent to a retired Kodak repair tech who lived in Los Vegas, that was in the 90s. Matter of fact the other day found that the Retina s sticking at 1second and need to think about find someone who is willing to work in on, or maybe not depending on what it will run to clean and adjust.