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Our local theatre went digi last week:


My wife and I went and saw Argo on Celluloid before the transition.....damn this is going to happen fast....
Yes, it's quite a fast process.
My local cinema (has 8 theaters) partly went digital with 2 of it's theaters becoming Digital/3D 2 or 3 years ago; until recently. I remember going a few months back, look into the projection window, and see the projector and a strip of celluloid running next into it. Nowadays it's just a projector that looks like a box... I don't remember the last movie I saw in film, but in less than a month I began to see all of the projectors being boxy (digital)...

Seems to be a distributor thing, they are pushing for digital for their profits; difficult for small cinemas... For the consumer as well. The price has risen 50 euro cents in that month or two... For weekend and holidays, they charge 7.70 (before 7.20) (10 bucks) And Spanish consumers mostly think about it twice.