I have a similar problem and it's called "family". 2 weekends ago I was photographing in the 1897 Jamestown Sierra Railway roundhouse. I was making a "quadtych" of engine 34 sitting in repose inside the roundhouse. As you can imagine it was a cave in there. darkthirty. And the only camera / lens I had was an ancient Eastman 8X10 2D with a double sliding portrait back. The lens is a 1903ish Heliar 14" and the only film is APHS asa 3 ortho. What can I say. So I begin the Quadtych. It would take 4 pictures to get the entire scene completed. Each exposure takes 8 minutes and I have neither watch nor timer. I'm counting to 60 slowly and each time I get there extending another finger on my hand. Add to this the many conversations with interested on-lookers etc. etc. Nothing phased me as I pondered on. Finally just as I'm setting up the 4rth and final picture of the quad-tych my sweet bride appears from her shopping trip and "encourages" me to not take too much longer. Shot the final and all important 4rth shot at f4.5 instead of f22 1/2. Dammit. Of course the other 3 turned out perfect just to increase the agony. Anyone interested in seeing the "34" with the cab cut in half and no coal tender?