Pentax MX, ME, KX and K2

The ME is a bit simplified but it just feels right. I came upon a minty black one with all the original bits (lens, lens cap, case, strap, even the manual with the guarantee card and its matching serial number). Since then I've got hold of an original Winder ME to complete the set. It has new light seals and comes out every so often, usually when I don't think it's at risk of being lost or damaged as there don't seem to be many tidy MEs about now.

The MX and KX need little introduction, I have four MXs (one black, three silver) and a silver KX. See, I bought a scruffy but working MX, then saw a nicer one for a very good price, then saw the black one, then bought another to donate panels to spruce up the first one, then saw another with a working shutter but non-functional meter which took the remaining spares and works perfectly. So I have four working MXs!

The K2 is very under-rated, I'd put it very close behind the LX especially if you can find the K2 DMD (which included a few incremental upgrades). The shutter sounds gorgeous and it has a large viewfinder, just match the needles to get correct exposure in manual mode (or the black needle indicates shutter speed in auto). About the only flaw is the film speed selector, thankfully mine isn't too bad but it's ridiculously stiff on a lot of them.