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Great to hear that our friends at Ilford are doing well. For over 30 years, PanF and FP4 (more recently PanF plus and FP4) have been my "go-to" films for my black and white landscape/fine art/ architecture work. HP5 (HP5 Plus), in turn, has long been one of "walk-about" films, used whenever I am just loitering around town with an M6 (the other, of course, being the irreplaceable Tri-X). And as far as paper goes...well...Ilford has, over the last decade or so become synonymous... I do wish our friends at EK had a similar level of commitment (what I wouldn't give for the continuation of Ektachrome...).
Heck, I think most would be satisfied with ANY commitment to film from EK. They have labeled film as a non core business and thus have marked it FOR SALE. Kodak is about as non committed to film as you can get.