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Kodak Master View 8x10. Built like a tank. Very very quick set up and break down. Easy to carry.

Becoming harder and harder to find used, and hence prices are increasing. However, not nearly as expensive as the Ebony or Canham ( another excellent choice ). Some find the single front knob that controls both shift and swing can cause an inconvenience. Geared front rise is helpful. The down side are the lens boards which are not "standard", and both somewhat hard to find and expensive. Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee are the acknowledged experts on the Master View, and might have one for sale. They also have lensboards.

Suggest that you Google Kodak Master View, and read the information available.

Best of luck.

There is obviously no perfect single choice.

The bellows people on Ebay have a picture of one up right now and my eye keeps going by it and my brain thinks "OMGMASTERVIEW" and then I look at the price and realize it's just advertising for the new bellows.

I would agree with this. While you won't necessarily find one for a song, it'll be considerably cheaper than buying a brand new camera. The rest can be spent on amazing glass or some film. 8x10 is getting ridiculously expensive.