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several years ago
a fellow named frank petronio posted
in a similar thread on the large format photography forum.
he suggested the perspective nude photographer
go to a school art class, and model nude
for a life drawing class.
he does a lot of nude photography with models &c
but posed for a class so he could know what that sort of vulnerability
was like, because posing nude for a camera is exactly like that.

good luck !
I'm curious, did that prospective nude photographer listen to frank?

At first I didn't understand that remark. I figured that anyone who is willing to pose naked was comfortable enough to be naked in front of the camera. I then realized that may not be necessarily true...most likely my subjects won't know how to model as this is my hobby, not my profession, so my models will probably be "regular" people.

I think it would benefit me to learn how to model and feel comfortable in front of an audience so I will do just that.