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some photography is made with considered though
but i would say that not all the best photography is.
there are plenty of photographers who don't think
or don't have to think because it is second nature.

it IS possible to make photographs without thinking about it.
just as it is possible not to take 1/2 hour or an hour to compose and meter &c
a "view" with a large format camera
... i don't think i have ever spent that long ... ( 24 years with LF )
i have plenty of better things to do with my time than pointless meter readings
and waiting a hour to depress the shutter. if it took me that long to expose a frame
( i can't see why 35mm would be any different ) i'd have studied dentistry.
I can be ready to take a large format image in five minutes if I actually planned out beforehand what I'm doing, ten if I don't. I think that portrait sitters would revolt if it took half an hour to an hour. Hehe.

Like, right now I'm in the process of preparing to do this awesome family portrait project to ready myself for a larger one. It'll be done completely using the Speed Graphic, and the images will be taken mostly outside, though *some* inside, in landscape format. I'm playing around with a weird lens, so I'm wanting to put it through its paces to see what it can do. I have to do these quickly, so I'm going to set everything up in my backyard and go from there. Will I get weird glances from the neighbors? Yes. I'm hoping they'll be curious enough to come out and let me take their picture, too! Heh.