Hi all. Been a member here for quite a while, but never actually introduced mysefl before. With all these other Queenslanders making themselves known I thought I should join the fun. I live in Townsville and am an avid film shooter, doing my own b&w developing. My favourite shooters are...

Pentax Spotmatic SPII for the enjoyment old manual 35mm photography;

Canon EOS-1v for when I need fast auto-everything;

Mamiya C330f for the medium format TLR experience;

Hasselblad 500C/M for the medium format SLR experience;

Wollensak Stereo 10 - 1950s 35mm 3D camera. I absolutely LOVE this thing, and the stereo slides I create with it just blow everyone away.

The digital revolution has its downsides, but in many other respects it's a great thing for us film users. The high-end pro gear of yesterday is now so affordable. Eg. I think the rrp of an EOS-1v body was about AUS$4000 when they were Canon's front-line weapon, and I got a "brand new" unused one for $800! And it's not as if a Mamiya C330f or an EOS-1v can't take good photos anymore now that the pros have stopped using them.