Tonight is Halloween and I have to pick a photograph for a winner and Leader for the next round of MSA. I would like to thank everybody for their time and effort for this round. I always enjoy viewing the images for these assignments.

Bertus gave us a wonderful start with his lith prints "Curves in the Ark" and "Mirroring Ark" and finished us off with "Angles in the Qrucious Water".

ArtO had a color shot "Oak trees at Highland Memorial Park".

barbara ann had a series of images "Beach Chairs", "Lamp Post" and "Beach House Details" and her Photo "Curve of a Cane".

Kav made a nice shot of a "Covered Bridge" with a Speed Graphic.

nsuoto gave us a pair of architectural shots in color "Up the Space Port" and "Unusual Angle".

sly had a variety of nice photographs "Verandah, Morning Sun", "Standard Vanguard" , "Inky Caps in Tree Cavity", "Greenhouse Wall" and "Bikes".

I have a couple of favorites out of all of this but now I have a problem. The Photo that I liked the best is barbara ann's "Curve of a Cane". It is a really nice shot and I liked it immediately. The problem is that she lives in New Jersey and the had a hurricane tear the place apart a couple of days ago. I hope that all is well with her, but her last activity on APUG was October 23rd. I don't know if they have power or what is going on and I am getting a little worried. I may have to pick an alternate "winner" if we don't here something in a couple of days.