Frank Petronios advice is a good not only do you learn about the model'v vulnerability, but you also learn how a certain position feels. The later might be more helpful for drawing though. Modelling certainly helps understand the models.

"I'm very comfortable with my body and I think I'm fairly good looking and moderately built. Perhaps if I start taking a figure drawing class and start modeling nude myself then I can find people who are comfortable with these types of things and go from there."

Often models from drawing classes are also willing to pose for photographers. While in art school I prefered the non perfect or well built models. I really liked older models or models that were unique. Making a young good looking gal look good is easy, even though young models often lack character.

Take a look at Imogen Cunninghams or Heinrich Kühn works both used models that are by most standards plain or not superbly beautiful. Sanders best works are the photos he made of his wife Melanie,there relationship shines trough. Or as David Bailey ones said. "You don't have to fuck the model but it helps"

BTW. The easiest model to get is yourself. You can pose for yourself and do great work

Good luck