Which European sources do you know which sell chemicals for colour development?

I know:

Westernphoto: http://www.westernphoto.it in Italy
Macodirect: http://www.macodirect.de in Germany
Morco Photographic Products: http://www.morco.uk.com in the UK (they also have single components)
AG Photographic: http://www.ag-photographic.co.uk in the UK
The Imaging Warehouse: http://www.theimagingwarehouse.com in the UK
FirstCall: http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk in the UK (they also have the E-6 6 baths Fuji kit).

In Italy the producer Chimifoto Ornano http://www.ornano.it should still sell some of their chemistry directly to clients with a minimum order of €60,00 but as far as I know they have discontinued the E-6 6-baths kit.

If you (or anybody else) can add to the list, I'd be grateful.

They mostly only have the Tetenal kits for colour developing, so for E-6 they normally only have the 3-baths kit.