Looks like I'm the odd one out -- I received both my prints this round over the past two days -- what a treat!

Eugene's "Warm Memories of Summer" is a wonderful infrared lith print that captures the lazy warmth of summer nicely. I like the slightly burnt out space at the bottom of the ramp -- it looks like the gateway to other dimension almost. The warm colours of the Fomatone really suit it.

Paul's "Venice Door and Window, 2012" is a nice contrast, with the muted tones and colours of the Ilford Art paper. The dog doesn't look too comfortable in that basket, but the photo has a nice warmth to it -- a Venice that we don't normally see in all the tourist images.

Thanks to both of you! I love these images and feel terrible that I haven't even made my prints yet (it's been a mad month and a half of work). I have the neg I want to print, I just need to do it! Let hope my free November weekend stays free this month! (I'm off to Sapporo this weekend for a conference, Fukuoka next weekend, and Mt. Fuji in two weeks - that leaves the last weekend of Nov for some good lith work!)