Kodak didn't "kill off" films just to spite people. Believe me, if they could, I bet they would be running every film emulsion they ever came up with in every size it was ever offered. But they are a commercial business and they have to make a profit! So no more Techpan, no more Kodachrome, no more Plus-X, and goodbye to the entire E-6 production.

Instead of movie makers shooting on Plus-X, they are shooting on digital. Flat out fact, not enough love for black & white. Instead of chromes, the commercial shooters are using digital. And just because Techpan gave the abjectly awsome enlargements, stuff is stitched and filled, and nobody cares. The populace is happy with an inkjet print.

And of course Kodachrome was twice as expensive as any E-6.

Once upon a time, consumer production was 95% of Kodak's output. Now movie film is 95% of Kodak's output. And all of the numbers are dropping. If all of the members on the forum got together and bought $1000 of Kodak film a month, it wouldn't be enough to sustain anything. I have no idea what will happen next year. When Fuji diversified, it kept everything under its operational umbrella. When Kodak diversified, it spun off or sold off, and the profit no longer went to Kodak. If Kodak had bought Apple, Apple would be dead. If Kodak had bought Google, Google would be dead. They have a lead touch. Actually, they don't. Lead has value.