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I recently bought an Exa 1a and while I have only shot one roll of film with it so far, I found it a delightful camera to use.
They can be a lot of fun, although the right side winding and left side shutter button is a little bit more akward than the fully left handed Exakta, and obviously unnatural compared to any other camera. xD The top shutter speed is also a bit limiting, but 100ASA film is fine with me!

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Awesome!! Who needs an EVF?
I prefer the WLF to pentaprism viewing. In fact I only have one film SLR with a fixed prism. The exa's WLF does however have a built in "sports finder" that can be useful for panning shots - but is more essentially for portraits!

My Miranda D which is another of my favorites also sports interchangeable viewfinders:

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