Kodak didn't "kill off" films just to spite people. Believe me, if they could, I bet they would be running every film emulsion they ever came up with in every size it was ever offered.
No, they would not. Kodak killed off films to convince the investor community they were serious about digital. They HAD to do an about face from the "make money on film and get the hell out of everything else" mantra from the early to mid 1990's - that was the thinking that spun off Easman Chemical and dumped Sterling Drug. They HAD to show that digital was the future. That's why there was a "Kodak Digital" sign in Times Sqaure NYC for years. Mainly to convince Wall St and Kodak itself that they were now a "digital" company - even if they didn't know just what that meant.

If you've ever worked at a mid to large size "Corporate America" company, you've no doubt sat in a conference room in these kind of meetings and you know how it goes. The word comes down from the top and what was GOLD yesterday is S^*T today!