I'm curious because I'm contemplating this option. I have a Leica so I can go MF too but this seems like a very good choice.

I figure that I have 4 options:
-G1 (green sticker) / G2 + 21mm f2.8
-ZM 21mm f2.8
-CV 21mm f4.0
-Leica 21mm f3.4 Super Angulon

Pros/cons for each option but I'm leaning on going Contax G or ZM.

I'd prefer a S.A. but the price for the finder and hood adds up (well they all need finders...) and the CV is a bit slow.
1. How is MF with this thing. It's scale focus, I know, but is it usually OK? I'm not sure how important MF is to me, but having the option is important.
2. How is the G's external viewfinder?