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In one dream I had, a few friends where trying to develop a print in their toilet bowl. But no matter how hard they tried they couldn't get anything other than a faint image, so they called me in for help but I don't think I did much. I remember it was set in Paris.

Another one was where I was in the city and there where two hotels,(only one exists in real life) one of the hotels (it was just used as storage for the new hotel that had superceded it) had three levels and on the second they rented studios to artists and I had one there. I was working on a big collage about two meters wide and one high, it was covered in dark red metalic paint with lines on it connecting up various crops of photographs; but when I would leave the room to enter the hall I was contantly attacked by a possesed toy police car with a large hibernating insect attached to it! But when I came back later on the hotel was on fire, and I said to the many spectators "I've got thirty years of photos in that room!"

For a few months I kept having these dreams nearly every night that I was developing film under my bed covers, almost every bloody night! It drove me mad.

Is there a Tasmania devil? Or is it just a cartoon character? Has it ever featured in your dreams?