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Maybe I'm being foolish, but I've always thought of my 500c body as:
a - a spacer between an excellent lens and an excellent film back, and
b - a place to put the waist level finder or prism

In other words, of all the components, the Hasselblad body matters least.

Given the robust build, and the availability of qualified technicians for an overhaul, it would be hard for me to justify a new Hasselblad body. And while many MF cameras have seen hard use by pros, I think that's less true of the more recent Hasselblad bodies as so many of the wedding photographers went digital.

Of course, it's certainly your decision.
Excellent response. I recently picked up a 501C with 80mm lens and A12 back. Everything looked like new and it came with a 6 month warranty. All for just a bit over $1K. I recently found an extension tube (55mm) that looks like new for $20 at a local camera store. Great deals are out there, just inspect the goods before you buy.