Hi. I just bought a SQ-Am and put the first roll through it at the weekend. Although it has a built in motor, I had a similar problem. I loaded fresh alkaline cells for the motor. The ones it came with had some power, but were way out of date. I cleaned all battery contacts with electrical contact spray. I also took out the 6V battery for the shutter and cleaned its contacts. It ran through the second film without a problem. When it was causing problems at the weekend, I noticed that the shutter was half-closed when the power shut off. The shutter cocking and film drive mechanisms seem to be linked. I will replace the 6v cell soon, but I also noticed that the test LED was much brighter after its contacts were cleaned. I don't have the manual you need, but I have seen a number of Bronica manuals on the UK eBay site. I hope you get it fixed soon. Alex.