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The "Canon" is the "Kiev EF" (http://www.meinezersaegtenkameras.de/Ekiev%20ef.html), a Kiev with a Canon EF mount.

As for 6x12 or 6x14, the plan was to use up the image circle of the Super Angulon as much as possible, which led to the 6x14 format. In hindsight this maybe wasn't a good decision, a) because of the vignetting and b) because the format sits somewhat between "just wide" and real panoramas, neither fish nor fowl.


Oh! That looks sweet!! Make me one please!

And isn't 6x12 the standard medium format panorama anyway? Just as 24mm x 64mm is the standard 135 format pano? Or is the medium formst 6x17 for visual reasons? I forget now... Haha all I know is scanners that scan pano film strips only accommodate for 6x12.

My Mamiya 7 has a "true panoramic" 35mm insert that creates the 64mm wide x 24mm high image on 35mm film, that's why I assumed 6x12 was pano since its the same proportions. Or is it? I'm tired and my brain doesn't want to do the math ratio (even if I know it's simple) Gnight for now, feel free to respond with mockery... Lol


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