Ok, so it doesn't exactly belong to me. But in August I took a job at my local community college, teaching (Photoshop, sorry... but the possibility of my running a darkroom class at some point in the future has also been discussed...).

Anyway, back to the Bronica. In the photo studio, there is an equipment closet, and in that closet was a Bronica SQ-AI with the ME prism, a waist-level finder, three 120 film backs (one still in the box!), and the 40mm, 80mm, and 150mm PS lenses. I asked the department chair if anybody was using this camera, and the answer was "No, it was used by the retired school photographer. The new photographer only shoots digital. Would you like to use it?"

Would I? Yes, please! Amazing camera. I've run one roll of film through it so far, but that was enough to know I really like it.

EDIT: After I posted this, I realized the title suggests this is a classified ad/giveaway... it's not. Just an excited photographer!