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Film can be cheap: you can buy 90 meters of Polypan for 30 euros, you get empty film cassettes for free in any film lab. You develop in rodinal 1+100: cost are less than 2 euro cents / frame.
I don't want to say it is a best film, but cheap it is: more than 2000 pictures for about 30-40 euros.
I second that.

I think there are two categories of photographers who should bring their films to a laboratory for development: the casual user who takes pictures of friends and relatives on the usual occasions, but hasn't got the photography "bug"; and the professional who doesn't have time to develop by himself.

The shades of grey in between, the photographer who really has a hobby, needs to develop his negatives by himself imperatively. It's not just the economic reasons - which are in themselves quite sufficient - but the fact that developing by yourself and seeing the "miracle" of the film coming out of the reel has a charm which really is half the pleasure of photography in itself.

The sooner you begin developing your film, the sooner you begin saving money, making your hobby more fulfilling because you don't have the constraint of saving the material (which can be important) and because you will find the pleasure of delivering the baby without external help.

Regarding scanning, it really takes no time at all. I scan my film "by the stripe". Once you learn how to set your scanner it really does the job by itself, you only have to change the stripe and push a button.