Hi - couldn't think of best place to post this, so:

Yahoo, I'm moving back to Alaska after a couple long years away. My photography will immediately shift back into high-gear because I love and know AK so well.

As you might imagine, though, getting chems is even harder there than elsewhere in the US, esp. e-6.

So I'm ordering 3 of the gallon kits of e-6 and one of c-41 from freestyle before I leave (they don't ship them to AK!), to be delivered to me here in idaho and plan to carry them in my van when I drive up in December.

I haven't found anything on the web about this, so asking is anybody's got any experience/advice.

I guess I'm more concerned about the US-return than getting into Canada since the US side are always more irritating/paranoid/arbitrary/uneducated (example: my car got searched one time because the hick officer at Pt. Huron, MI just couldn't believe I'd go to Quebec just to take a camping-photo vacation).

Anyway, I'd like to be prepared ... besides the hundreds of dollars these are costing me, if they were 'seized' for some reason legal or otherwise I don't know that I could get any via any other realistic method in AK. That could put me in a very expensive bind.

And - if anybody has any idea of a place that'll ship chems to Alaska, I'd be appreciate that info too!