I hope I'm not being too maudlin, or naive, but here goes: Ilford seem to try to make a few good products, release it in the market, and say "we think it's good, now buy it on its merits or don't." People who are serious about high quality and fair market competition on that basis respect that. So no wonder that it's working out well! Kodak always seemed to have a gimmick or a razor and blade strategy (offer at a loss cameras in yet another new film format, to rope you into buying their film). Plus Ilford are just refreshing compared to all the other companies on Earth right now selling you (a) things you don't want bundled with what you do; or (b) what you want but in package 18 times the size you need so you essentially prepay them and incur the inventory carrying cost; or (c) only low-quality goods made in sweat shops even if you're able and willing to buy a high-quality product. Yes I know it's not fair to compare Ilford (selling to almost entirely hobbyists, often wealthy) to telecoms companies or Ikea who have to serve the entire public. But I've done it nevertheless! Anyway, go Ilford!