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Thanks, but unless my local photo supply store carries Microphen, I'll probably just stick with the D76 for now. I'd hate to risk messing up with an unfamiliar developer on something more important than a test shoot!
Well with D76 then the film iso is around 1000. For every stop of push you apply you will lose some shadow detail. Pushing film development increases film contrast. If your subject is low contrast then that can be a good thing and a one stop push to 2000 should yield perfectly good results. And if your subject is very low contrast a two stop push to 4000 should be acceptable too. The difficulty is getting the metering correct.
On the other hand, if your subject is normal or high contrast and you push the film development which increases film contrast, then you will end up with negatives that are very high in contrast.

This really means you should be picking a developer to suit not only the lighting level but also the subject contrast. But if you only have D76 then you ain't got much choice. Subjects by a window can be high in contrast with one side of subject in direct light and the other in deep shadow. if that is the case and you are using 2000 or 4000 or something in between, then I would suggest trying to keep subject back from window to reduce subject contrast or employ a reflector to bring shadow values up (keeping the subject contrast below normal so that film dev push brings it back to normal).