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And here is a very useful video showing the features of the Canham 8x10 metal camera. I had the 8x10 wooden camera which was quite beautiful and well made. However, I found the levers and controls to be somewhat awkward to use. No doubt other Canham owners will disagree.


Another suggestion is to go to that auction site. Be patient. Wait for one of the older 8x10 Kodak or Ansco wood cameras, many of which will come with a lens. Use the camera for a while, and see what you like and dislike about the camera you are using. You might find that the first camera you buy will be inexpensive, and will serve your needs. If you really need a better camera, then examine some of the other options persented here. OTOH, you might not like shooting 8x10. In that case, you will probably be able to sell the first "inexpensive" camera and lens that you have purchased without that much difficulty, and without much of a financial loss.
Glad you read the original poster's post.

Me? I love my V8. When you are under the hood, all the controls are in the logical correct spots (for me). About 1800 dollars a few years ago with two lens (12 inch Ektar and 190mm Ektar) in shutters, one required calibration, three backs (4x5,5x7,8x10), all the original half spacers for weird formats, and a solid case. It is a somewhat heavy beast especially when you throw the tripod (Bogen with a Gitzo 3 head) into the equation.

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