If its any consolation, I just shot some 120 D3200 at 3200 and developed it in ilfsol 3 using the massive dev chart for 3200 and had good results... And there was virtually no light toward the end of the roll I was shooting 1/15th handheld and 1/8th to 2 seconds on tripod, all good images. (Mamiya 7 II rangefinder). I find ilfsol 3 very versatile, so I use that a lot, but as stated, if D67 works, then that's all that matters... (it was also much less grainy than the P3200 tmax film I used. Though to be fair I did NOT use tmax developer...


The Important Ones - Mamiya: 7 II, RZ67 Pro II / Canon: 1V, AE-1 / Kodak: No 1 Pocket Autographic, No 1A Pocket Autographic

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