Even in practice nothing is standard anyway, my 6x12 Holga is 50mm x 120mm, the DaYi roll back is 56mm x 115mm.....

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Oh! That looks sweet!! Make me one please!

And isn't 6x12 the standard medium format panorama anyway? Just as 24mm x 64mm is the standard 135 format pano? Or is the medium formst 6x17 for visual reasons? I forget now... Haha all I know is scanners that scan pano film strips only accommodate for 6x12.

My Mamiya 7 has a "true panoramic" 35mm insert that creates the 64mm wide x 24mm high image on 35mm film, that's why I assumed 6x12 was pano since its the same proportions. Or is it? I'm tired and my brain doesn't want to do the math ratio (even if I know it's simple) Gnight for now, feel free to respond with mockery... Lol


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