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You know, I forgot all about those panoramic settings. You're right - way too small for that. But I always considered cropping a letterbox shape out of a regular frame to be faux panoramic anyway. You could always do the same thing in printing. It's certainly not like, say, shooting 6x12 or 6x17cm on 120.
No of course not, but with the magnetic info on the APX film, they could have made it on 35mm film with a film count RANGE, and allowed for true pano on the film, or 8x10 or 8x12 frame and had a variable counter, so 14-42 frames depending on if you shot all pano or a mix, or all 8x10(4x5) so you could effectively get MORE out of a roll than 35mm this would be a big appeal for the competition to digital at the time when you could shoot like 65 shots on a 64MB flash card! Woohoo!

They just could have been smarter, instead they were focused on cutting the COST of the film to THEM and not how it could be a better film to US customers.

Ok I've said my bit I'll shush now...


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