Discussion over text message...

Me: "my digital camera got destroyed in hurricane sandy, l have to shoot you on B&W Film."

Model: "what's bandw?"

Me: "Black and White"

Model: "oh! What's film?"

Me: *jaw drop, palm to face* "film, like to take pictures"

Model: "Wait when u say film u mean like record?"

Me: "uhhh, like this..."

Me: "it's how they used to take pictures"

Model: "OHHHH! I gotcha...so...what does that mean?

Me; "Nothing really, it just won't be in color"

Model: "oh weird! Ok I guess..."

I feel like an antique... And I'm not even close to mid-life-crisis age...

I posted this in philosophy because I'd like to hear thoughts on this from a sort of philosophical view of age and life experiences.


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