Hmm......valid concerns about propane. I guess I am a little sanguine about it as I have for years used a lot of it in plumbing and camping but would never use it on a boat because it is heavier than air. I'll have to give that side of the question a little more thought.

Robert, what is in dust off? I have thought of that also but it doesn't list any contents on my can of Enviro Duster. Haven't bought Dust Off for years so I don't know what it might list.

Yep, I could use another dev or a bunch of small containers, but I like D-76 and mix it in a gallon ahead of time. Decant to 1/2 gallons but that leaves a lot of oxygen in the jugs as it is used up.

I am trying to avoid decanting to a bunch of liter size plastic bottles. But I don't want to get blown up either :twisted: