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Anyone old enough to be modeling should remember using film to take pictures; digital has not been mainstream popular that long yet.
I don't entirely agree, first she's 18, and second many NY models are scouted and begin at 15, it's kind of sad...by 22 you're finished as a model (for most).

So being 18, when she was 7 was the last time a pro 35mm film camera came out (Canon 1V in 2001)... 11 years ago, prosumer digitals were heavily bought by 2003 (she would be 9), i had a digital point and shoot that doubled as a webcam by that point, so she really shouldn't have much exposure to film (no pun intended), but it still was kind of a shocker to hear it and a sobering experience. (Correct me if my dates are off)

The one thing that never came to fruition was a hybrid digital+film. I always thought that would be a winner.

So when will digital be unknown? People will mock the DPUG forums


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