After the ground was taken away last year I'm now able to get things on a row again. Saying this: the now disappeared Neopan1600 was my favorit B&W film in my SLR and compact shooting.
I'm getting to solve problem no.1: how to replace this 1600 B&W film in my family of mju compact camera's as this film was top notch for shooting a 'slow' f/4.5-6.9 zoomlens.
These most pocketable olympus auto compacts aren't able to be dialed in on ISO manually. I want to stay on the high ISO of 1600 so the only high ISO B&W 'push' film left is the Ilford Delta3200 which has to step in here. But it's DX code has to be altered.
I examined the DX code of all 3 a.m. films:

DX3200 for Tmax3200 and Delta3200, DX1600 for Neopan1600 . See attachments.

Luckily I think I will be able to tape the Delta housing to get a DX 1600 for the mju's. I just have to "brake the bridge" which I did just now and hopefully will be able to shoot a delta roll tomorrow @ EI1600 without big issues.

I don't want to ask Ilford to throw away a couple of thousand DX 3200 housings and replace them by DX 1600 housings right now but if you want to get all neopan1600 lovers over to the Ilford side, think about it Simon... I think EI1600 is a highly loved ISO level for many of us... ISO3200 is giving too much of a gritty grain pattern ...

Any of you having other solutions in mind?