On a more serious note...

If you want to seriously evaluate if it is worth the effort, then you should experience it end to end.

The process will greatly slow you down, even relative to medium format. And that can change the way you look at things.

Due to the speed and cost per exposure, you are likely to shoot much less, but your standards of what are acceptable and what are not are likely to change i.e. see post 5 above with Dennis's offer.

Even if you determine the print quality is what you want, you should experience the effort involved to ensure you are prepared to pay the price.

A couple options are:
1. To find a local college or LF workshop to learn and experience it without the expense of buying the equipment.
2. Provide some indication of where you are located and see if someone nearby would be willing to take you out with them. Many LF photographers would consider that, after all the equipment is heavy (see item 2 in post 2).

Something else to consider...