I've just run into a little problem, and I'm hoping some of you can help me with advice.
I have just started doing test photos for actors. I am trying to practice and build a portfolio so that I can get work taking headshots. I have taken out an ad, specifically stating that I am looking for actors who will do "time for prints". I put in the ad that I will provide five prints of various shots to the actor. No contact sheets, no cd, no negatives, no monetary compensation. Five prints, that's it.
So, inevitably, I have an actor who wants me to give him a CD of ALL the images so that he can pick which ones he wants. I explained to him before we shot, the following: I will provide you with five prints, we will be using black and white film, and we are working TFP. Now, I cannot (will not) possibly print every image from the four rolls we took and then scan them onto a cd so that he can look through them. I also don't want to just give him contact sheets so that he can (they always do) pick the worst looking shot that is overexposed or has problems. AARGH! I thought that I was very plain about all this, explaining both verbally and through e-mail what he would be getting. So far my experiences with actors have been pleasant, but I suppose there's always a bad seed.
I don't want to be argumentative, so perhaps there is a compromise that I haven't thought of. Any ideas?