Thanks everyone for the information. It sounds like I have probably got the right dilutions, although my developer part B, definitely had more that 120ml in. I'm not using starter, so I know that my developer may be a little hot, so to speak to begin with. At the moment I'm not looking for exactly repeatable results, just having some fun making some prints.

I'm going for trays at the moment rather than drums as i'm used to them and don't think I will mind working in the dark for a couple of minutes. I almost won a Nova quad a few months back, but the seller withdrew it just before the auction ended. Saying that, I have no idea where i'd store that when not in use.

I've read on here that the working solutions last much longer than the concentrates which I find really hard to believe. I don't want to mix up 5 litres at a time, partly for the fact I have run out of space to store anything and if I have even more giant bottles lying around my girlfriend will kill me. 2 litres I can stash away a bit easier and if I end up having to chuck the remaining concentrates from the opened bottles i'll think again but it won't be the worst loss.

BMbikerider - Were do you get the 10L kits from? the 20L kits seem like good value, but I'd prefer smaller size in future.