I am a novice in photography in general. I've honestly been having trouble going out and shooting because I dont know what to shoot. After doing LOTS of digging and finding what interests me the most, I found examples of fine art that really got me thinking. I dont have the intention of creating a photo in a studio, but go out in the world. My question is, as it states in the Title, What makes fine art photography, "fine art"? Perhaps im asking myself too much to start with, but I want my time spent with photography to be on one genre instead of being a master of all.

I know gear isnt as important as the operator, but I have an elan II w/ a canon 50mm 1.4, will only use HP5+ 400 asa, HC-110 Dev. Is this a good starting point? What im trying to do is eliminate as many distracting variables and stick with the same film, dev, focal length "normal"...etc.

More then anything, I want to find my photographic voice and have my voice recognizable. I want to gain inspiration from photographers, but I not shoot like them if that makes any sense.