For those of us in the North East of England you may be interested to note that another independent photographic retailer has closed down. Darlington Photo Centre (Or something similar) in Post house Wynd, has closed it's doors for good. Not that it went bust or bought out, the owners have just retired and there was no one to take up the reins. Their website is still about but of very little use.

Very sad really. They were the closest to where I live that actually had a small but decent stock of B&W printing paper and chemicals plus a range film of all makes. They also had a decent '2nd hand window' where used cameras and lenses could be bought for realistic prices. I am sorry to see them go.

All that is left is Jessops around the corner and they are about as much good as a chocolate tea-pot. The display shelves were almost bare. large cabinets with only 2 compacts per cabinet and not even a decent Digital SLR for sale. They really are the pits!