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Hi - couldn't think of best place to post this, so:

Yahoo, I'm moving back to Alaska after a couple long years away. My photography will immediately shift back into high-gear because I love and know AK so well.

As you might imagine, though, getting chems is even harder there than elsewhere in the US, esp. e-6.

So I'm ordering 3 of the gallon kits of e-6 and one of c-41 from freestyle before I leave (they don't ship them to AK!), to be delivered to me here in idaho and plan to carry them in my van when I drive up in December.

I haven't found anything on the web about this, so asking is anybody's got any experience/advice.

I guess I'm more concerned about the US-return than getting into Canada since the US side are always more irritating/paranoid/arbitrary/uneducated (example: my car got searched one time because the hick officer at Pt. Huron, MI just couldn't believe I'd go to Quebec just to take a camping-photo vacation).

Anyway, I'd like to be prepared ... besides the hundreds of dollars these are costing me, if they were 'seized' for some reason legal or otherwise I don't know that I could get any via any other realistic method in AK. That could put me in a very expensive bind.

And - if anybody has any idea of a place that'll ship chems to Alaska, I'd be appreciate that info too!


According to Canadian Border Services This is part way down the page:

In-transit travel through Canada

If you are an American resident, you can transport goods through Canada to the United States. To simplify the clearance process, carry three copies of the list of goods you are transporting. The list should include the description and value of the goods, as well as the serial numbers (if applicable). You should pack consumable goods such as alcohol, tobacco and food in containers that the border services officers can close and seal when you arrive.

Basically Canada Customs will put a seal on your container, when you enter Canada, US customs will inspect that seal to make sure it's intact when you return to the US.