Sounds like me..;-)

No problem as I see it - you can combine them if you wish:
Make the image with Diana/Holga - distress the negative - make the negative into a bromoil Or a handcoloured image - nude of course..

Enjoy your choises: Just think how limited you'd be in digital....

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I'm wondering how others handle it when their work interest goes in multiple directions. I have so many different projects, sometimes I feel like I'm not giving each it's due.
Right now I'm working on (or not working on):
Hand painted nudes on hand coated paper.
Combined/distressed negatives.
Toned Holga/Diana stuff.
Large hand-painted stuff (still getting the darkroom set up for 32x40 inch printing- I'm close to ready...)
Large format portraits.
Hand painted images from non-camera produced negatives.
Old family photos, for my family.
Probably a few more I've forgotten...

What are your "rules" for handling this situation? How do you allot your time? How do you allot your finances?
Thanks for your insights.