Hey Loris,

I have 2 VBD sensitizers at the moment, one with increased TA (VDB2), the other regular formula. My first VDB solution gone bad

The regular one has deeper browns, dmax. Maybe quite close to black if I do double coatings. Blacks are like roasted coffee beans in terms of color.
I actually quite like the extra TA, may be it is related to the benefits you mentioned, but the dmax is not as impressive as the regular one. Blacks are like chocolaty brown.

So I prepared the regular VDB quite recently. I added drop by drop, and stirring continuously.
I still have some precipitate. Well, not much to worry about but it bugs me.
But may be I should give VDB2 a try, double coat and compare dmax.

BTW when I filtered the precipitate from my first VDB solution, well it turned horrible, weird stain like things happened on prints. I have no idea why.

Gold toning is on my list, but I will use untoned VDB and Salt for my project. I am waxing them, it is quite effective actually.